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January 2nd, 2023: Game Day Fashion

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

When I played hoops, our coach made us wear a tie every game day. At the time it seemed unnecessary but as a kid growing up in the church, Sunday's best wasn't that unordinary. Today, I love that he did that.

As we roll into 2023, I started thinking it's time to switch it up and bring game day mentality back to my life. Then my two-year-old, Demi, gave me this toy and said it looks like me confirming it is in fact time to step my game up. I even asked my mom and she said to bring it back.

For diligence purposes, I Googled if ties are in for 2023 and Vogue said yes. I looked at the Vogue ties and that was not exactly what I was thinking. Then I found this article and I felt much better about my decision: 10 Best Tie Brands That Will Instantly Improve Your 2023 Wardrobe

Photo by Alexander Naglestad on Unsplash

I feel like this is a good start to my 2023 tie journey. I will likely pull one off 1-2 days a week but watch out world when I put on my game day tie!

Here is the Full Windsor knot I am going for.

I will keep adding to this post as I find great ties and resources.


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