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The Legend Begins

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

I have been in the entertainment industry for 22 years. Over that period, I have gotten to know and work with some of the most famous and talented people out of the 117,000,000,000 people God has created to date.

Out of everyone, Ryan Wiik, may be the most impressive talent I have met. His intellect is off the charts. He is in the process of building a studio in Spain and producing his first film franchise. Watch what him and his girlfriend are doing to develop Louis Materson's Morgan Kane film franchise, I freaking love this kind of boostrapping especially the skateboard dolly.

You can follow Ryan's journey here and maybe one day we all learn his passion to shoot on 16 and 35mm over digital.

Keep up the great work, Ryan and know the Drevers are huge fans. We can't wait to watch the "Norwegian Cowboy Actor" become of one the great entertainment industry executives of our generation! #WaltDisney2point0

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