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Data Room

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Entrepreneurship is hard as it involves multiple people/personalities, financing, R&D, sourcing, execution, and most importantly, marketing and sales. It also demands stability across the market and other outside forces that are often out of the stakeholders' control.

One practice that I have grown to love is the data room. It is something I will be constantly tightening the screws on in 2023. I found this data room list that is pretty accurate (i.e., would change to profit interest plan vs. ESOP in some scenarios and the company summary should have a video sizzle asset) and wanted to share it with you as a resource for entrepreneurship.

Not only a great organization tool, but it can also speed up your due diligence period and help you close quicker. Here is a good article today: The 5 Top Reasons to Use a Virtual Data Room for Corporate.

I am digging into Carta | Equity Management Solutions this month to find a cap table tool that is easy and built on compliance.

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