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January 10th, 2023: The Future of Scotland

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

If you have been around my two-year-old daughter, Demi Drever, you know I nicknamed her "The Future of Scotland" as we found out we came from the Orkney Islands to Ellis Island on a ship called the Californian just over 100 years ago.

To start 2023, Amazon Prime released a new series based in the North Sea called "The Rig." The show was great, and I recommend it.

After finishing season one and monitoring world news, I couldn't help but think "The Rig" may be a soft power effort to support the renewables movement happening in the region. After all, what better way to demonize fossil fuels then an international scripted show featuring Schitt's Creek's Emily Hampshire? It was well-known folklore in Hollywood that Al Gore owned many patents to green tech when he made "Inconvenient Truth" a big commercial that he and Participant waited for Bush to say "Global" and "Warming" together in his State of the Union address before they released.

There is a great read on this subject from BBC today: No new oil and gas fields, say Scottish ministers.

Image Source: Yahoo!

The Scottish Conservatives say oil and gas workers in north-east Scotland are being regarded as an "afterthought".

If I was an investor in wind, I would be dancing right now with a major streaming show backing the movement, and everyone knows if you leave your front door open on Orkney your roof may blow off it's that windy.

Speaking of Scotland, I just joined the board of advisors for Payne’s Legacy | Payne Stewart Family Foundation. Our mission: The purpose of the Payne Stewart Family Foundation is to primarily assist with programs that allow children and youth to have new opportunities to experience the joy of Christianity.

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