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Dave Drever founded his first company at the age of 17 and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. After being recruited to Los Angeles in his senior year of college, he became an EVP for filmmaker Mark Brown (Barbershop) who is responsible for generating $400m at the box office. In 2007, Dave had the #1 viral video of the year and was recruited by a Washington D.C. based VC to setup the digital export arm of the Chinese government in Beijing.


During this time, Dave setup the Hulu Channel for China, built their English language mobile apps and became a soft power expert reaching over 1bn people globally.

Today, Dave rosters various multi-national organizations, ESG companies and celebrity talent.  Upon being challenged by his mentor who asked him "to what end?", Dave created and is launching the Freely Movement in 2023 to train up 10m Freely Ambassadors to do 1bn acts of God's love.  

Ceil Folz

CEO of CFC, Olympic and Athlete Foundations.

"Drever is a rainmaker...and he does it fast and quietly.  Every team needs a guy like that."

Kelli Masters

NFL Agent, Attorney and Owner at KMM

"Dave Drever is not just a visionary...he's the guy that gets things done!  His passion, loyalty and work ethic are unquestionable, and it is no surprise that people across the country and around the world trust and respect him."

Mason Parker

President, Agra Energy. Former Managing Director at Deustche Bank.

"Dave is a step ahead of the pack, deeply connected and knowledgeable. We share a core belief in the decentralization of energy."

Brendan McDonald

Director of Development at Nexii

"A talent like Dave only comes around so often.  It has been an honor to book millions of dollars of business with Dreve and helping people and the planet along the way.

Rick K. Pickering

President at Lead Like Jesus and Former CEO at CALEXPO

"Trust Dave’s remarkable record as a proven servant leader who selflessly "makes it happen" locally, regionally and globally.  Dave is the real deal when it comes to making a difference in businesses, communities, and in representing top leaders."

Oleksandr Vasiuk

Politician, Lawyer, and Member of Ukrainian Parliament

Dave is a great leader and connector, who masterfully brings people and projects together. He utilizes his many contacts and connections to boost productivity and development. 


Chapter 1: Glory Days

Faith Lutheran & Sac Kings Fan

unnamed (1).jpg


Chapter 2: Boot Camp

Granite Bay HS, CSUS, CALEPA


Chapter 3: Hollywood

Xonger, Jacksons, #1 Viral of '07



Chapter 4: Global Entrepreneur

China, Freely, Talent Manager


In 2023 and beyond, I am actively expanding the DREVE portfolio and our family O&O businesses by investing capital, 22 years of relationships and know how, and my life into projects I believe in and more importantly, people I trust while also enjoying the honor of fatherhood with Claire, Elle, and Demi Drever.  We are looking forward to changing the world with you.



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